Camping for my Birthday

I am a little older than I used to be, and for my brithday, we went camping. Ever been to Ha Ha Tonka?

I took this image from: This site has some of the history of Ha Ha Tonka. Sadly, this manision only survived about 20 years before fire destroyed it. The home originally looked over a side branch of the Lake of the Ozarks. When the Bagnell Dam was built in 1929-31, the lake disappeared, leaving Ha Ha Tonka castle overlooking a spring.

picture from

Still beautiful but not a lake.

If you are looking for a mildly strenuous hike, take the Spring trail up to the castle. They say its 316 stairs one way. I counted 357 on the way down.  Even the dog was exhausted.

Other than hiking Ha Ha Tonka, we enjoyed camping on the lake. We had classic camp food (s’mores, dutch oven cobbler, foil steamed vegetables, grilled meat, bacon), two evenings just staring at the fire and relaxing, card games by lantern light, and just us. It was wonderful. Even the dog enjoyed his time sniffing around.

Hans exploring the camp.
Hans exploring the camp.

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