My new observation about myself is that I seem to be incapable of doing things one at a time.

I finished drafting Nik last week, so I started outlining a new story. The one I will be focusing on is waiting to have its outline reviewed/critiqued, so while I wait, I started a new story.

Did I go back to one of the stories I already started as I was trying to get through Tiny or Nik’s stories? No. I started a whole new one.

It would be interesting to see how much effort it would take to finish some of these half-stories that get prodded while working on a planned story.

In other news, I think Nik’s story now has a name. It shall be called Distilled until further notice.

Finished — I finished

No fancy pictures or stories. Just this.

I finished.

I started writing another story a long time ago. Today, I finished writing it. I have a draft. It’s done and shiny. It’s been done for ten minutes now and I am already starting to wonder if it is any good and should ever be edited.

Doesn’t matter. I still finished.