Been Awhile – Work/Life Balance

I’m pondering the work/life balance today.

I’m a fairly organized individual. Or I used to think I was. Now I think I may be the least organized individual I know.  I find my work/life balance is much more of a yin-yang than even scales. I go from heavy work to heavy life. Somehow that translates in to little time in general for my hobbies.

That being said, I managed to find some time in the last week to do a few critiques and draft a few words for a revision of one of my pieces. I hope this means I am experiencing an upswing in hobby productivity.

What I am left wondering is, how does everyone else find a balance? Are they just as lost and controlled by the circumstances as I am? Or do they put in the effort to control their destiny? (Since I am a crazy writer person, do others exert more character agency on their own work/life balance?)

Things to ponder on a Monday morning.