Finished Quilt

The project that never ends is finally done. I joined a block of the month group about five years ago. I participated three years until the group ended. In the second year, I found this fun train fabric and panel.

My husband loves trains. Granted he likes real trains and this fabric is a kid’s design, but either way, I decided to custom make a train quilt for my husband. With polka dots, because I love polka dots.

The top of the quilt took a few months to design, cut, and finally sew. My life just moves that slow. Then instead of sending the quilt off to a quilters, I wanted to hand top stitch.

I work with an oval hoop about 30 inches wide. Starting in the center, there were no major features on the front, so I turned my hoop over and started picking lines from the back trace. Twenty hoops through, I regretted finding a busy train fabric for the back. Maybe millions of polka dots would have been better?

Anyway, four years in the making, and it is finally done. Bound, stitched and ready to be used.

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Success and Fear

I succeed this week in modifying my query on Tiny At Large. Yay! Its probably premature because I have decided to go back and revise my last three chapters, but either way, I have a query.

I’m afraid of showing it to people. Very few people, ok only one person, has seen it since it is modified.

I have come to the conclusions that queries are maddening. They have to be short, concise, entertaining, enticing, focusing on conflict and character. Every word matters. Just when I get something written that I feel focuses on the plot, it is strip of all personality. When I try to get the tone of the story, its hard to get the plot described.

Queries are also terrifying. Now I have a balance of tone, character, and plot. What if no one likes it? Ok. Enough whining and worrying. I’ll build up some confidence and get the query online soon.