Short Stories

Here are some of my short stories:

Kris and Krampus: appears in From the Stories of Old

51qxytzdapl-_sx326_bo1204203200_This is a not so traditional retelling of the Struwwelpeter poems. The Struwwelpeter is a collection of poems which depict naughty children and the punishments they receive. Ever heard of the scissor man who will chop the thumbs off thumb-sucking children?

In my story, good old Kris Kringle fights his inner Krampus when faced with naughty children.






Super Love: appears in Between Heros and Villains
Between Heroes and Villains 3D large

Super Love follows Madame Pain’s master plan to force her coworker to fall in love with her.

The Cat Lady: appears in Whispers in the Shadows

Whispers in the Shadows 400x625Mary loves her cats, feeds her cats, treats them as her family. She would do anything for them: walk on arthritic joints, beg from charity, even give them her last cracker. If only her cats viewed her the same way.











Dog Rescue: publicly performed at Woodneath Library as part of their scary story contest in October 2017. This one isn’t published anywhere. But I’m publishing here on my blog.









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