Great Things at the Local Library

I’ve always liked my local library. I use the Mid-continent Public Library. When I was kid, I used the Raytown branch, but now my main branch is the north Blue Springs one.

As a kid, I grew up searching the short stacks for Dr. Suess and Diana Wayne Jones books. I still remember the first time I checked out my first book from the adult section.

When I started getting research projects in middle school and high school, the library helped with books, magazines, and online databases.

When school turned into long drives to and from college for laundry visits, the library allowed me to download audiobooks I could listen to on the road.

Last year, my family took a local vacation. The library had an area program. It was a walking tour of the Arts District. We got our exercise and learned some interesting history.

One library feature I want to try is the genealogy center. I keep driving by it, but with a last name like Ross, I figure I will need a good starting point.

So what spawned this blog post is an upcoming event at Trails West branch. Jim Butcher will be giving a talk, and some of my local writers group will be meeting me there.


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