Awkward silence.

Flower Quilt Group
Hand top stitched by my church quilt group in 2010.

Why is it so hard to talk about one’s self when asked but so easy any other time.

I guess I have to figure out what to say about myself.

I’m in my 30s and married. I have no children.

I quilt. This is one of my creations.

I write.  Not well, but I am improving hopefully.

Hanz in his first week living with me. We got him from a local rescue shelter.

I have a dog. He is a Lab Rottweiler mix. Somewhere I read that makes him a Labrottie. But he looks like a Lab, not a Rottweiler.   Here’s his picture too.

Yes, he does believe that he is mistreated and that three walks a week is gross neglect.

I call him Hanz “Belly Rubs.”


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