2016 Writing Resolution

Here’s my list. I hope I can manage it.

Query Tiny’s story: If I met my 2015 goals, this will already have gone out for a first round on 12/31. It looks on schedule if I don’t chicken out.

Edit Distilled: I just finished a beta round on this story and I might have some ideas on  how to get the length I wanted. I am letting it all simmer for a while. I have a goal of having the revision done by 4/1/16 because I have another beta arranged for April.

Write 4 Brothers: I’m in the 16k range right now. That’s good for me since most of my pieces end up being 60K. My goals are simple. Write everyday. Keep the momentum. If I can keep moving, I think it will be done before my birthday, but experience tells me I get tot he last few chapters and lose all momentum and start other projects. Here’s hoping I can learn a new progression on this novel.

Start a new novel. I have a bunch of outlines. Saleen’s story (an underwater YA adventure) may be next, but I have a very rough outline for an OCD cleaner (romance) that already has a few thousand words written and real life revenge story started. So many stories to write and only so much of me.

Big plans. Feel free to keep me accountable.

Project Updates

Ok. I’ve been sick and not focused. So this is me getting back on track.

Tiny At Large: I’m researching agents. I edited the manuscript in November and cut about 20%. I made a deal with myself I would stop being nervous and start querying this story out before 1/1/16. The deadline is coming up. I really need to get the agent list put together. So nervous.

Distilled: I edited this story as well. I cut about 15%. It is going through beta right now. We’ll see what happens. This will be the first time it gets beta’d from start to finish.

4 Brothers: Ok. This one needs a name, but I’m not to worried about it until the first draft is finished. I’m about 15k into the story and about ready to start a new chapter. Yay! The goal is to finish the first draft before my birthday. That gives me lots of time.

Others: As I said above, I am having trouble focusing. Part of that is all the stories floating around in my head. I am starting to outline some stories so I won’t be distracted by them. For the first time in a long time I have a non-fantasy story in my head. We’ll see if it happens. I’m sure my mom would appreciate a non-fantasy story. I also have a romance story in my head. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve never tried a solid romance plot.