90 Days Week 5

By week 5 of this book, I expected to be writing. 90 days is approximately 3 months. There are four weeks in each month. Thus by the end of week five, over a third of the novel writing time is gone.  I’m nervous.

Captured from recruitmentbuzz.co.uk. Click the image for link back to the original website.

It seems like there is a running clock, and I’m not actively trying to meet the deadline.

To be fair, Ms. Domet is not asking me to sit around doing nothing. She has me writing every day for a few hours. I am writing scenes. The scenes are out of order, and I can’t check them for continuity or consistency, but there are scenes being written.

To be determined later: will the actual writing be less than 30 days and thus a guide to winning Nano? Only time will tell.

As a random tidbit, this morning I was working on the second assignment of week 2 and wrote: His ability to lie had the refinement of forty grit sandpaper, and when he did lie, it felt like he used that sandpaper instead on a washcloth to bathe.

I may have been feeling slightly dramatic at the time. 🙂


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