90 days week 6

Is it cheating to be starting week 6? I’m not sure, but I am doing it anyway.

I am working through the book 90 Days to Your Novel by Sarah Domet. For 5 weeks, she has been dangling the prospect of writing the novel in front of me, forcing me to write scenes out of order and out of context. Yet my rule abiding nature will not let me skip assignments. Even when Easter and writer’s group and critique responsibilities get in the way, I do not skip.

Finally, week 6 starts with drafting the first chapter, first scene, first sentence.

Spoiler alert: For the first draft, I think I will start with: Fate hated Joe with the drama of a teen whose best friend stole her boyfriend and whose retribution started with a pocket knife to the offender’s prom gown.

We’ll see where it goes after a nap and a hot shower.


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