90 days to your novel

Ok. Day 2, but not really.

Sorry Ms. Domet. I did Day 1 and 2 together.

Today, I started day three and may work in day four tonight depending on what the husband does.

Day 3: creating character sheets. Ms. Domet says characters are a fundamental part of stories and the part often remembered. I’m not sure I agree 100%, but I definitely agree 80%.

Some of my favorite books are ones that I remember because in the end the chandelier crashed down or the boy got a bell his parents couldn’t hear. So I think those ones were more important for plot or theme, but I can’t argue that other stories I can’t remember the plot but I remember Velveteen Rabbit and the boy who got sick and the beautiful angel. So, yeah, characters are important too.

In the past, I made character “sheets” for my main characters. By sheets, I mean a loose non-formal collection of traits and important facts that I know I will forget and need a refresher on. One of my favorite things to add to my character sheet is a picture of a model/actor/person who most resembles the character.

This exercise is a little more and a little less involved. As a good student, I am doing the exercise as suggested by the book. There is a formal set of questions to answer.

But wait, don’t just stop at main characters. This book asks for a minimum of 10 character sheets. Wow! These will be the best thought out supporting characters I have ever made. Maybe they will be the best too.

Sadly, the visual element is missing. I have rough description of characters but no visual to go with it. Truthfully, I don’t use my picture all that often, but I really enjoy getting to search through the internet plethora of pictures to pick out my characters.

So I’m done with the first ten. Yes, that’s right. I’m being an overachiever. Since I am using this book for a story I already had outlined, I’m going to keep going. I’ll have 15 character sheets for sure and maybe more.


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