Project status

Ok. I’m checking in with current progress.

Tiny At Large: I stopped sending out new queries in February and ran her through three more betas. I want to have edits/revisions done within the next month or so. No major revisions were suggested but everyone wants more from the ending. Can do.

Distilled: This one went through some betas and is in the process of another. Revisions to be done but unknown when. Then I think I am done with this one. I will start putting a query together to see what happens.

An Ogreish Wedding: This one is scheduled for beta in May. I’m not sure it will ever go anywhere. It’s a super quick read and lighthearted. There isn’t much substance to it though.

4 Brothers: I finished chapter 15 of the planned 32. So half done. Yay. I also have feedback on the first 6 chapters and feel almost kind of confident enough to move forward.

The Wilds: Chapter 4 of a planned 33 done. So far away from being done, but I am focusing on the brothers mainly.

Shorts: My guilt partner and I are challenging each other to write flash fiction pieces. I have now completed two. I am looking for feedback on them to see if they are garbage or worth sending out. I haven’t focused on short pieces in the past, so this is a new and exciting adventure.


That’s where my writing stands.


3 thoughts on “Project status”

    1. I am very scatter brained and a little organized. Of course, you have published, and I have not. That is one achievement you have unlocked that I am still very jealous of.

      1. Not yet I haven’t! I still have to get through my proof(slow going with all the distractions), but I’m hoping to be this summer.

        So I don’t have that notch in my belt yet.

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