Novels at query stage

Here they are. My brain children. If you are looking at this before there is more than one, here is my brain child. I’m glad you flipped to this page.

**Note: I am in the process of learning how to improve my queries, so the queries have been removed at this time. New and improved queries to be posted.

TINY AT LARGE — not querying too hard — I’ve lost interest in this version of the story and have begun a new novel set int he same world

TINY has abandoned her troll life to build an independent, modern human life. When her brother’s girlfriend disappears, she is blackmailed back home. Backward troll mating customs shoves Tiny back to ROCK, her ex, and death magic slips into her human life forcing her to accept training from priestesses.

It’s a David and Goliath struggle for Tiny. She is one small troll whose individuality is being ripped into bits by overbearing males, unwanted magic, and a heritage she wants to escape.


DISTILLED — new beta and revisions underway — query created (just waiting for me to finish the edits)

As third son of a usurped house and a black market alchemist, NIK hides in a cliffside town on the border between the warring northern Icelands and the southern Council Confederacy. When the raised bounty makes him the fourth most valuable criminal, not even the remote town or his surreptitious lifestyle deter mercenaries and the local gang from hunting him.


AN OGRISH WEDDING — not querying yet because I’ve never created the query.

ROSA, a troll party planner, is thrilled to be planning her first wedding, but SVELTA, the bride, isn’t exactly what Rosa expected. She’s an ogre who wants a pixie wedding. Plus, HAGGAR, the ogre groom, is a traditionalist who earned his right to marry through competition and might. The bride would rather hide in the bushes and spy on her groom than get to know him.

When Svelta worries Haggar is cheating on her and Haggar’s mother insults Svelta’s wedding invitation choices, Svelta is ready to call the whole thing off. Rosa has the opportunity to be out of the crazy mess, but it is Rosa’s first event. Not even a battle ax and rampaging bride will stop this wedding.



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