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90 Days and Crafting

Amazing how plans always change. I intended to post evenly about crafting and writing. Turns out, I binge hobby, spending weeks on one thing and completely ignoring the rest.

Easter Church Display 2014
Easter Church Display 2014

My sister and I do most of the big displays at our church. It’s not that impressive because the church is small and we fall into the age bracket that can still climb ladders. In preparation for Easter, I experimented with making homemade glue and the best ways to soak yarn in glue

Easter Alter 2014
Easter Alter 2014

and then pull it out without creating knots. The result are the cute Easter eggs lining the aisles.

The alter is mostly fake flowers we already had at the church and table cloths attached to the ceiling.

Easter down, only 6 weeks to Bible School decorations. 🙂

On the writing front, I am falling behind. I wanted to be done with day 16 today. That would have kept me on target for a 45 day novel. I never realistically expected to keep that schedule, but a girl can hope. Between critiquing, editing, participating in my first query contest (which left me hitting the refresh button hoping for pointers on my submission), and Easter, I finished Day 14 and started Day 15.

As ever, Ms. Domet is cleverly having me pre-write the whole novel. Days 14-16 are particularly interesting to me. I’m a checklist kind of person. Ms. Domet has given me a checklist for what each section of the novel should do, the questions it should answer, and the goals it should obtain.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are taken by real world activities, but I’m lifting a cup of tea to getting back on track next Monday.

Current Book – 90 days to Your Novel

Ok. I say I live in fantasy and that I am an aspiring writer. Then my blog is full of craft projects. Time for that to change. I started reading a new craft book. It’s 90 Days to Your Novel by Sarah Domet. (Click the picture for the Writer’s Digest page about this book.)


The first section is about outlining. Ms. Domet emphasizes the importance of outlines but says there is no single perfect outline.

So I’m thinking about outlining. I’ve tried multiple outlines and non-outlines. One of my early completed “novels” was one I wrote based on a character sketch I loved. It had no plot and little conflict.

So I outlined my next “novel” with my sister. While shopping for vacation clothes, we roamed through the stores creating the plot. Other shoppers steered clear, and the folks at Qdoba happily cleared our table the second we finished eating.

I attempted to outline my next “novel” by using the outlining suggested by Jim Butcher on his LiveJournal.  Thank you Butcher, but it wasn’t for me.

So on to the next, The Snowflake Method. (Assume images are clickable with links to the correct webpage. :))


I thought I did ok with the snowflake method. My critics did not agree.  *sigh*

One of my critics suggested sticking to the 3 Act or 4 Act structure. No problem. I tried it. It’s as comfortable as wearing blue jeans inside a pair of sweat pants.

Then, I found Dan Well’s 7 point plot structure. This makes a lot of sense to me. Oh yeah, here’s a pic.

Ms. Domet says outlines don’t fit each person. If it’s true, I’m not sure I’ve found my perfect fit. Her suggestions include using notecards, flow charts, standard outlines, and spreadsheets.

No matter the outlining method, I am a spreadsheet user.

Care to share your outlining development or the method that works for you?