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Book Review: The Winter Riddle by Sam Hooker

51fexuz-tbl._sx326_bo1204203200_ The Winter Riddle by Sam Hooker

My Summary: The Winter Witch, formerly princess of Aurora, helps a god carry out a prank thereby starting a war, which explains why people don’t believe in Santa.

There’s more to it, but it’s one of those plots full or ridiculously fabulous twists that it’s best explained as stated above. IMO.

My Rating: 4 stars

My Thoughts:

This book is all about tone and humor. If you pick it up and read page one and hate the tone, don’t worry I did too. The novel starts with a dry pedantic tone similar to Mr. Norvel and Jonathan Strange, and I almost stopped reading. However, by chapter 2, the tone is much more entertaining. Volgha, the Winter Witch, teaches us many important things, such as “a hex for a vex,” the proper stews are inherited and then maintained by adding left overs; and that surprises are needed and cannot wait. Visual humor, which can often fade in written form, is well done in this story if sometimes too juvenile for me. In general, it was a fun read (after chapter 1).

This is a farce comedy and the characters are fun and whimsical. Actually, the most normal character in the book is likely Santa, who is an engineer with a warrior’s past who is trying to avoid violence. Volgha is a witch who wants to be left alone, but who used to be a princess, was apprenticed to the previous Winter Warden, and who tallies her bank account based on favors owed. The Winter Queen Alexis is a whack-a-doodle drunk, who eats sausages out of people’s pockets and enjoys being tickled as torture. Loki is naught but a court jester with god-like power and a five-year-old’s humor. There are talking birds, sentient trees, frost giants, vikings, elves educated in Applied Thinkery, an onionized staff, and a castle babysitter a.k.a. Lord Chamberlain. Somehow between the upraising, body splitting, and enchanted music, Volgha manages to travel from Asgard to Niemhan, visit Santa’s workshop, influence palace fashion, steal from the crown, bury a dead body, and talk to the wolves. She starts a war, ends a war, and takes over Winter.

The amount of stuff shoved into this novel at odd angles is impressive and it’s definitely a book I would recommend.