Book Review: Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews

Book Review: Diamond Fire by Ilona Andrews


Summary: Nevada and Conner are getting married, but Nevada’s sisters are planning the wedding. Catalina is the head coordinator and must figure out who has taken the family wedding tiara before the ceremonies.


My Rating: 3 stars


Why I picked this novel:

This is part of the series I have been rereading. I reread all the Ilona Andrews’ series: Kate Daniels, the Edge, Innkeeper Chornicals, and A Hidden Legacy. At the point I reread the series, Sapphire Flames had not been released.

I chose to reread the Ilona Andrews series because each of them has captured my attention. They explore new and interesting worlds, where magic does not behave as expected. There are little hints of science behind the magic, like the genetic traits in A Hidden Legacy, that I enjoy.


My Thoughts:

First, the things I like best about this series are the types of magic, the genetic inheritance of magic, the tight-knit Baylor family, and the detective work. Each novel has a clear detective plot, and the characters actually investigate, such as in this novel where Catalina sets up cameras, questions potential suspects, and examines the crime scene.

However, I couldn’t give this story more than 3 stars. The stories have a tendency to become redundant. A larger than necessary number of the Andrews novels use similar plot devices and wording. So many of her characters are the type to stand in front of the window, watching the rain, holding a flower to their lips. What’s that about? No, thanks. Move on. She has strong women (which I applaud) and strong men (also, yeah) who have an immediate attraction then a misunderstanding, followed by a long resistance on the woman’s part while the man chases her down. At some point, the woman displays her personal power, the man acknowledges and is turned on by the woman able to stand up to him on her own. Then they get together. Rinse. Repeat. Instead of carrying on with Mad Rogan and Nevada, this series is switching to Catalina, so that she can go through the multi-novel love cycle. While I still enjoy the style of writing and the stories on an individual basis, these books don’t evolve beyond the initial romance. I hoped to see true development with Kate Daniels, but the novels skipped from falling in love to having a kid. Done.

So my recommendation is read the Ilona Andrews novels, but don’t read too many of them close together. The writing is entertaining, the characters are fun, but they are all very similar. So indulge in other stories between these series.


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