For Kristy

*For those not part of the Just-Us League, we are a group of international writers. We are having a virtual not-so Secret Santa. I am paired with Kristy.*

TIme MachineSince I don’t know how to otherwise upload photos, here’s your gift.

I like to give practical gifts, and I saw no reason to clutter up your life, so I thought I’d start by getting you a little extra time. Here is a time machine for you.


Next, I felt like any writer needs a bit of color in their imagination, so I found you a rainbow of inspiration.  Here you go.


Oh, and I know it is never much fun to rely on someone else when on vacation, so I got you a step ladder in case you need a way to escape.  Here it is:



Finally, I think you deserve some time to relax, so I got you this footstool.


Merry Christmas, Kristy. I hope you enjoy your gift.


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