Old Novels, New Outlines, a Mess

I have been stuck recently. I’m not getting anywhere fast with the projects I am working on. Here’s the bullet point update:

  • Tiny At Large — no responses from the 25 queries so I am having two more betas read it now to see how to improve
  • Distilled (formerly Nik’s story) — went through a three person beta. I want to have revisions done by April, but who knows if it will happen
  • 4 Brothers — 13 chapters are written, but I hit a confidence block, and I think the whole thing needs to be re-outlined from a single POV and the store split into a series so each brother can have more attention. I’m playing with the idea of it being a romance series. Thus I am frightened and have people reading the first 13 chapters to see if a huge overhaul is the best idea.

So because I am stalled out, here is what I have done:

  • Pulled out a Nano novel from 2013 — its actually pretty good but way to short. It’s actually 43k, but I may have at least one other person read it to see if it should be polished up. I think it has at least one subplot that can be emphasized and probably a few scene added to the main plot and there is some character depth that needs to be added.
  • Started drafting an old outline — my fish story is revived. Saleen and Rudd will have their adventure one way or another. I started scene 2/chapter 2 this morning, but it took me all week to write chapter/scene 1.
  • Continued outlining on the OCD cleaner piece, possible novel 2 for Distilled and possible novel 2 for Tiny At Large

I’ve probably got too many things happening now, so I will have to see if I can juggle it all.


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