2016 Writing Resolution

Here’s my list. I hope I can manage it.

Query Tiny’s story: If I met my 2015 goals, this will already have gone out for a first round on 12/31. It looks on schedule if I don’t chicken out.

Edit Distilled: I just finished a beta round on this story and I might have some ideas on  how to get the length I wanted. I am letting it all simmer for a while. I have a goal of having the revision done by 4/1/16 because I have another beta arranged for April.

Write 4 Brothers: I’m in the 16k range right now. That’s good for me since most of my pieces end up being 60K. My goals are simple. Write everyday. Keep the momentum. If I can keep moving, I think it will be done before my birthday, but experience tells me I get tot he last few chapters and lose all momentum and start other projects. Here’s hoping I can learn a new progression on this novel.

Start a new novel. I have a bunch of outlines. Saleen’s story (an underwater YA adventure) may be next, but I have a very rough outline for an OCD cleaner (romance) that already has a few thousand words written and real life revenge story started. So many stories to write and only so much of me.

Big plans. Feel free to keep me accountable.


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