Sam and I attended the MARA meeting on Saturday.

Things outsiders might want to know:

–business meeting starts at 11, actual meeting starts at 12

–guests can attend at no cost for 2 meetings

–there is food (The day we went there was a decadent looking cake which my doctor just told me I can’t have 😦 )


–There were a lot of great people including published authors

–We met Carla Cassidy (a big personality molded into a tiny and feisty lady) and Katy Madison – who had great practical writing tips


–This seems like a group that doesn’t sit still long. They’ve got retreats, guest speakers, an acquisition agent attending to hear pitches, connections with police who talk about investigation techniques and weapons . . . .

–They were very welcoming and tried to include us in their conversation

–The meeting had an after hour that they invited us to attend. Very welcoming.

Now for the bad news:

–To join MARA, I would have to be a member of RWA. To be a voting member of RWA I would need to be seriously intending to or pursuing a career in Romance writing and pay both a $95 membership fee with a $25 first time fee.

—-I’m not sure that I am pursuing a career in romance writing. I think my stories will always have a strong romance element, but I don’t think anything I have written would fall into the romance category. So I am not sure I qualify.

—-Also, there is no difference between the cost of a voting member and a non-voting member. 😦

—-Then there is the additional fee for the local MARA (which isn’t that high)

–I’m scared

—-This group is definitely headed toward publication, and I’m scared.

—-I’m trying to get over it, but I haven’t gotten there yet.

All in all, I think MARA was a good experience. It’s definitely worth checking out.


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