Success and Fear

I succeed this week in modifying my query on Tiny At Large. Yay! Its probably premature because I have decided to go back and revise my last three chapters, but either way, I have a query.

I’m afraid of showing it to people. Very few people, ok only one person, has seen it since it is modified.

I have come to the conclusions that queries are maddening. They have to be short, concise, entertaining, enticing, focusing on conflict and character. Every word matters. Just when I get something written that I feel focuses on the plot, it is strip of all personality. When I try to get the tone of the story, its hard to get the plot described.

Queries are also terrifying. Now I have a balance of tone, character, and plot. What if no one likes it? Ok. Enough whining and worrying. I’ll build up some confidence and get the query online soon.


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