New Projects – crocheting

This has been an odd few weeks for me, but I have been pulling projects out of my sewing room and working on them one by one. This week I finished two smaller projects.

Project one:

Basket made from sheets
Basket made from sheets

This is a basket I made out of a ripped up sheet. Here’s basically what I did:

1) Got a ripped up sheet (my sister’s dog nicely assisted this process by ripping the sheet one day and thus I inherited ripped sheets) I used a queen sized fitted and queen sized top sheet to make this basket.

2) Further ripped the sheet (I started a 3/4 inch cut at one end of the sheet then ripped until I had about 1/4 inch of unripped sheet at the other end. I then cut a start another 3/4 inch from the bottom end and ripped back up to within 1/4 inch of the top. This way I did not have to tie lots of small strings together. It made one really long string. Here is a website that explains my method better with pictures. Here is another website that explains the same thing in a slightly different way. Except where I accidentally ripped to far or where the original rip caused weakness in “string.” When I did need to tie two strings together, I used the slip knot method. I think this website explains it better than I can, and this website has pictures of the slip knot method.)

3) Crocheted a circle (I started with a chain of eight. The picture doesn’t show it well, but my circles commonly look like soft octagons because I start with chains of eight. I have found a chain of five or six often looks more round. I formed my chain of eight into a circle and then created eight single crochets around the circle. As of the first round I spiraled the project adding eight stitches every round to keep the circle expanding. — if you really wanted an octagon you’d need to add the extra stitches at the eight corners. I eyeball it and if I feel like a corner is getting to tight or undefined, I’d make three stitches in the corner instead of two. — Here’s a blog of someone who actually does make circles and soft octagons.)

4) When the circle was big enough, I kept crocheting but stopped adding extra stitches. This made the sides.

5) For handles, I used a button hole stitch. (I got to where I wanted the handle to start and instead of making a crochet in the next stitch, I made a  chain long enough for my hand then stretched it along the basket and attached it at the appropriate spot.  Then on the next round when I got to the chain, I counted the skipped stitches below the handle and made that many single crochets across the “handle” area. Every round after that was like all the rows before the handle: single crochet in every single crochet. Here’s a website that explains it better.) My basket actually has four handles.

6) Gave it to my sister.


Project 2: the rope bowl


This is my second project I finished. My sister read somewhere that a person could crochet around rope to make a basket. I only had a very small amount of laundry line and knew I would not be able to make a basket, so I made a bowl. This bowl is made from laundry line and purple crochet thread. The holes in the sides are actually handles.  Below is a picture of the bowl without the top turned down. I literally just crocheted in an oval around a piece of rope until I used the buttonhole concept to make the handles. Here is a website with a tutorial on crocheting around a rope. I did not start with a base chain, but I think it would have made my start a little easier if I had.

What I am enjoying about this little rope bowl is how easy it is to shape. Here’s a few pictures of different shapes I made with the same bowl.



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