Inundated with Options

I made a blog. Great. Now what?

I like yellow brick roads. Ones that start off small and get bigger. When I’m comfortable with what I know, I build to it.

I started with the basic blog. I opened the beginners tutorial. It says choose a theme. There are a lot of themes. The tutorial tells me to watch out for things like columns, customizable headers, and themes that will automatically make mobile and tablet pages that are easier to access. (I’m not sold on mobile access. Some of my favorite websites have nothing useful on their mobile access, but my blog could be different, right?)

I picked a theme and set a header and a background. Then there are widgets and add on applications. Everything wants to spiderweb together, and I don’t even know if I like my blog yet.IMG_0014

I started with something small, but the more I play with it, the more I feel like an ameba in the ocean. What I am now worried about is that building and keeping up all this networking will consume my time to do the things I love. If anyone has advice on how to balance electronic networking with life, let me know.


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