The Start

I’m an aspiring writer. It is not all I am, but it is part of who I am.

I dabble in prose enough that I finished a novel length first draft. Great.

So I look around. What should I do with this collection of words? The internet, writing groups, organizations all have different ideas.

Revising is one I am choosing. Revising the writing only seems appropriate.

Editing is in the works.

A query has been drafted.

The summary needs work.

But then what?

Make a list of agents. Huh? How?

Develop a platform? Like wood and nails? Like 70’s Kiss shoes?

Build a network? I thought my computer was already plugged in.

So many suggestions and most of which I do not know how to implement. So here I am, starting with a basic blog. Learning the ropes. Contemplating in written form to myself wondering how such thoughts will lead to developing a reputation.

Welcome to anyone who wishes to join me on this journey.


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